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    Jamie After Elimination

    September 20, 2010 by Kate4TDWT

    (NOTE: I'll update it every once in a while)

    Jamie: *in car ride home* I still can't beleive it.

    Noah: It's ok.

    Jamie: What do you mean? With the money-

    Noah: I sold my book.

    Jamie: WHAT?

    Noah: We're going to Greese.

    Jamie: OMIGOSH!

    Noah: *kisses her*

    Jamie: Eyes on the road!

    Noah: I love the outfit.

    Jamie: Are you just saying that?

    Noah: No way!

    Jamie: Thanks! Now I can forget about them and come back with a TOTALLY new look.

    Noah: *laughs*

    Jamie: What?

    (Noah and Jamie are packing for Greese in sinc. They are moving at the same time)

    Noah: And your rooting for?

    Jamie: *bitterly* Karl or Marcy.

    Noah: *without looking up* What? Not Barbie?

    Jamie: *throws down a t-shirt* SHE VOTED ME OFF!......the challege before I got eliminated.

    Noah: But you can't-

    Jamie: I kn…

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