If you've ever wondered "Who is Barbie based off of?" or "Who in the world would actually be her?!"Barbie (my main character) is based off of me. We have these things in common:

  • Blondes
  • Blue eyes
  • Both Girls
  • Smart
  • Nice

We are different in these ways:

  • I'm a natural blonde, Barbie is dyed.
  • I'm nicer than Barbie.
  • Barbie is MUCH girlier
  • I don't have a real life relationship.
  • I feel as if everyone in the world hates me, Barbie knows she has friends.

Barbie is who I wish I could be. Barbie is me. Barbie is the better version of me! *tears up in real life* She has every thing I don't!:

  • money
  • fame
  • a lot of friends
  • beauty

The internet is the only way I can make myself seem like Barbie. Barbie is the only way I can make myself seem pretty and awesome. Everyone else in real life (besides my family and friends) hate me for NO reason. I'm nice, smart, and honest. Barbie is much more:

  • pretty than me.
  • smart than me.
  • popular than me.

So go ahead insult Barbie but by doing that you're hurting and insulting me! Writing this blog post made me cry but not as much as I cried when I saw something my "friends" said. This is the third main reason I'm leaving (I count this as feelings).

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