• Barbiegirlvolcano

    If you've ever wondered "Who is Barbie based off of?" or "Who in the world would actually be her?!"Barbie (my main character) is based off of me. We have these things in common:

    • Blondes
    • Blue eyes
    • Both Girls
    • Smart
    • Nice

    We are different in these ways:

    • I'm a natural blonde, Barbie is dyed.
    • I'm nicer than Barbie.
    • Barbie is MUCH girlier
    • I don't have a real life relationship.
    • I feel as if everyone in the world hates me, Barbie knows she has friends.

    Barbie is who I wish I could be. Barbie is me. Barbie is the better version of me! *tears up in real life* She has every thing I don't!:

    • money
    • fame
    • a lot of friends
    • beauty

    The internet is the only way I can make myself seem like Barbie. Barbie is the only way I can make myself seem pretty and awesome. Everyone else i…

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  • Barbiegirlvolcano

    So who are you rooting for to win the season finale? On this blog post I'm going to ask each finalist questions they can answer by commenting then you vote for who you want to win!

    Karl, why do you deserve to win?

    I deserve to win because i am a good designer and was friends with everyone!

    What will you do with the money if you win? I will definately use it for college and donate some to cancer foundations and charities and then a someething extra for myself

    Who, besides yourself, who you like to win? I would like Barbie to win!

    Karl, if you could which contestant that got eliminated would you want to bring into the game to compete with in the final two? Jessica or Jamie because they were my only true friends other than Barbie

    Barbie, why do you d…

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  • Barbiegirlvolcano

    A lot of you have been wondering who Barbie's secret crush is! You can guess all you want but Barbie won't reveal who the identity of her crush is until episode 3! So who do you think it is? Jamie knows! I didn't tell anyone except her! Who's it gonna be? Well find out on Episode 3!

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