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  1. Jackson-Codyfan9000-The Nice Guy
  2. Johnna-Kate4TDWT- The Gothic Singer
  3. Nikki-Kate4TDWT- The Hottest Chick Around
  4. Mason User:Dylan7205
  5. Sally-Barbiegirlvolcano-The Girl Who Loves Orange
  6. Andrea- TDobsessed88 - The Bratty Antagonist
  7. Jeff - TDobsessed88 - The Slight Antagonist
  8. Daniel-Daniel7205-Skater
  9. Derek - TDA ROCKS - The Neat Freak
  10. Danny-Duncanjustin-The MVP Athlete
  11. Olive-Kate4TDWT-The Clumsy Girl
  12. Jude-Dylan7205_Party Guy
  13. Vicki-Barbiegirlvolcano- The Individual
  14. Dylan - The Coolest One Around - Johnnyboy10465
  15. Ally - The Girl Who Loves Pink - LiLCraziiGurl77
  16. Danielle - The Animal Lover - LiLCraziiGurl77
  17. Kristi - The Queen Bee - 124oeo
  18. Adam - The Big Hearted Quarterback - Johnnyboy10465
  19. Bianca - Johnnyboy10465 - The Diva
  20. Mikey - The Nerd - LiLCraziiGurl77
  21. Aj-Barbiegirlvolcano- The Great Friend

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