Stefano DiMarco is the host, since the first episode, of Total Drama Designers. He is an italian clothes designer. After the people voted to stop his relationship with Marcy, Chris came back to replace him, and he started to compete.


Song - Break Your Heart by Taio Cruz ft. LudacrisEdit

right|300pxThis song describes Stefano because he is a ladies man, and always breaks up very quickly with his girlfriends. Also, this song describes him because he is always demanding with girls, and doesn't care if karma comes back to him for doing those things.


  • He is, so far, the only character known to have piercings.
    • He is also the one with the most amount of piercings, having four (one on the nose, two on the right ear and other in the left eyebrow).
  • He is eigthteen.
  • He started competing since the third challenge.