Danny is a contestant on Total Drama School. He is labeled The MVP Athlete.

Audition InterviewEdit

Tell us about yourself. Traits, age, country, family, relationship, etc.

My family was from Russia, but i was born her, I have a brother, sister, dad, mom, and grandma. I had a girlfriend, but we broke up, so im hoping i could get one here. i am THE BEST BASKETBALL PLAYER EVER! AND LOVE ART!

How do you see yourself in the future?

As a proffesional sports player, prferably basketball

How do you see yourself in the competition?

helpful, and interesting! REALLY FRIENDLY AND AWESOME!

Do you think you can win?



I have lots of usefull skills

What do you think will happen to you in the competition?

I will make friends, get a girlfriend and become tougher

What do you aspire in your life?


Pre-Game InterviewEdit

Why do you think you will be eliminated?

Nah, I get straight A's at school

Which place do you think that you will get?

At least 5th.

How do you see the other contestants?

Jackson: a fun loving guy

Johnna: Awesome singer!

Nikki: H-O-T

Mason: cool, but boring

Sally: Cool and funny

Andrea: EVIL!

Jeff: Awesome!

Daniel: Awesomely epic!

Derek: Organized

Olive: Funny!


Vicki: meh

Dylan: Cool (XD)

Ally: Cute

Danielle: Go animals!

Kristi: Hahaha... NO

Adam: Football awesome guy!

Bianca: Diva! meh


AJ: Friendly!

Do you have a strategy for winning? Which one?

This is not really a strategy, but be kind and fun loving! Make lots of friends!

After-Game InterviewEdit

Why did you get eliminated?

What do you think of the left contestants?

Will you miss someone? Who?

Are you happy to see someone again?

Would you like another chance?

How do you feel about your elimination?


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